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Radiation: 0.794
Temperature Line Value: 160.87
VHTC mp reaction: 1.024
K reaction: 0.00016
P reaction : 9.000-8.000
VDSA reaction : 0.30-0.29
Gamma value: 0.026
Boiling point: 356.720
MG: 196.01 + _0.02/moi water content
Form: Liquid scroll-like
Color: Cherry Red
Molar mass : 756.7002 g/mol

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  • The red mercury is a semi-liquid material cherry-red.
  • The intensity of red mercury is very high 20.2 g/ cm3.
  • This Hg2 Sb207 liquid is the Military Labs Material: 
  • Antimony mercury oxide
  • Other name: Cherry Red liquid mercury 
  • Formula: Sb2O7Hg2
  • Appearance: Cherry Red metal liquid 
  • Molecular Formula : Hg2 Sb207
  • Type: Oxyde Antimony Red Mercury
  • Type: Oxyde Antimony Red Mercury
  • Frame: Sb2O7Hg2
  • Quality: Fluid, Semi liquid
  • Purity: 99.999% (5N)
  • Color : Ponceau (Cherry red Homogeneous )
  • variety: 37.00016
  • Binding: Energy: 211Kcal / mole
  • Density : BK-20/20 – 20.2 gam
  • Melting point: -37.67

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Red Mercury

5 kg, 34.5kgs bottle/flask/cylinder

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