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IUPAC name: (6aR,10aR)-3-(2-methyl-6-bromohex-2-yl)-6,6,9-trimethyl-6a,7,10,10a-tetrahydrobenzo[c]chromen-1-ol. Moreover, other properties are below.
CAS Number: 152674-96-9
Formula: C23H33BrO2
Purity: 99,9% min.
Appearance: White powder

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AM-087 for sale online. AM-087 (part of the AM cannabinoid series) is an analgesic drug which acts as a cannabinoid agonist. However, It is a derivative of Δ8THC substituted on the 3-position side chain. This Chemical is a potent CB1 agonist with a Ki of 0.43nM, making it around 100x more potent than THC itself. This is most likely due to the bulky bromine substituent on the side chain.



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